[ABC019] Cancerbero – Welcome To Hell

Welcome To Hell - art front

Welcome to Hell is exactly what it suggests. Beginning with glitchy sound effects and haunted vocals, the scene for this terror metal Frenchcore feast is set. We’re off to a flying start, gaining turbulance and loosing height as we plumit torwards Earth. Track 2 mixes metal and tekno breaks with a dark sludgy basskick.The beats are incessant, the guitars are heavy. Track 3 is faster, with sudden chops between ideas. Thick textures and metalic noises dominate with mental breaks. Like crashing into the ground repeatedly. This EP is great, an extravaganza containing the brutality of metal and the fattest basses from Frenchcore and Hardcore. It mixes both seemlessly but the result is loud, like the concrete floor attacking your face.

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[ABC018] How Can Punk Be Dead… If Breakcore Is Forever – Split EP

how can

Can i hear you scream? Tus labios estan marrón con мороженое chocolate. Este lanzamiento contiene quatro artistas who battle push and throw the breakore in cada direcció que es possible, hasta te congelas! So scream a bit louder por que no te escucho arriba de la musica. 14 pistas en total de Breakore Mediteraniano! More amenz que la inglesia Catholico tiene pan seco.

Ryanair deben emplear Flácido Domingo, haría tu experiencia mucho mas comodo. You would hardly notice the overpriced food, the ugly trolly dollies, and the ice creaming babies amongst the tranquilidad natural dela pista ‘I Hate Fucking Airports!’ Pero cuidado con la turbulancia! The genius samples ‘No tengo castillo y no tengo amor’ in ‘The King & Me Inna Whore House’ shows crazy originality. Well mixed with some great rapping and rnb samples.  

Baconizer fights with off-key piano melodies, and some beautifully slow glitch-chop samples on ‘High Street’. Great for sipping bodega wine. La pista ‘Forgive’ comienza con capas de melodias. Tiene super rapido percussion que me hizo caer de la silla and un bassline muy fuerte.  
La musica de The Sound Of The Fox holds together really fucking well. ‘Amen World’ builds a tense baseline until a super fat kick blows a whole through the floor. Covered with a alternating fast-slow melodies and tight percussion. His music is hectic and crazy with no letups. ‘Goin’ Oldskull’ is a super fast bass-kick workout, with realistic sounding percussion and funfare melody. I imagine myself on zuped-up dodgems colliding and spinning constantly. Derramando helado derretido en las pantalonas de mi novia!

And our friend La Ostia En Verso treats us for a second time on ABC. Mas samples que Ben y Jerries tienen congeladores! Me gustan los ‘Toxic’  violinas en ‘DRUNK VIDOGAMING’. La pista ‘Mucha Mierda’ es un regalo de casi 10 minutes. Commenca con temas de Happy Hardcore y continua la exporacion de Dance de los noventas. Pegado con beuno amenz que cambian continualamente.

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[ABC017] SAFOH – Killa Bach

[ABC 017] SAFOH - Killa Bach - front cover1

Safoh is a girl producer from México, she uses styles ranging from Breaknoise  to Hard D&B and XtremeMashup. In this EP she gives us an insane combination between the beautiful Bach compositions and the awesome drums & breaks that she sequences. A lot of people think it’s a sacrilege intervene the work of the master composer, but she thinks that if Bach were alive, he would be a breakhead.
The last track is a gift to 8-bit lovers… its music from her favorite NES game.

ALSO INCLUDES 4 pieces of original artwork!!

 Check out her previous album on COmaRecOrdz

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[ABC 015] Hardon Collider w Bobby Zilch – Sausage Fest

Hardon Collider w Bobby Zilch - Sausage Fest - cover

Man, today i got vomitted on by a baby as I was walking into the toilet of my National Express coach. I was about to walk into the toilet when i made eye contact with a smiling baby. Her mother had her arms extended, holding the baby away from her, facing me. The baby suddenly vomitted with a good portion of it going down my right trouser leg, the rest all over the toilet floor which i had just opened the door to. It was dry when i arrived at my destination stop, if a bit smelly. So i put on Sausage Fest by Hardon Collider w Bobby Wilch and went to dry off. I realised as i was listening to it the fifth time over that i should have been listening to this album on the whole journey. All would have been a lot more fun and less stressful. And thats exactly what this album is. FUN. Its super exciting and very unprodictable. Bouncing and sliding along between pop samples and bigtime anthems. Mashed-up, partially digested amen percussion, sped-up and sloooowed down and rewound. Perfect for cheering you up. Some nice chiptunes and crazy female vocals. Big-up to the Sausage Fest.

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The letters from behind the glass wall


The three tracks from this duo are a long distance collaboration between a
vocalist and an electronic musician. The result is a free form mixture of
unprocessed drumming, giving a live feel, mixed with synth and processed
sounds, which give mood and create a lot of space. Its good to play loud, you feel
like you are levitating inside the music. The pace of the tracks are slow and
drifty with many eiree organ type bass lines. The powerful vocals sound live,
straight from the corner of the room. They have an instrumental quality which
suck you in however they do not dominate the rest of the instruments.
Every part has equal importance and deservedly so. Please download this
beautiful album.

[ABC014] – Orlando Gabber – FREE FIGHT for human right

FREE FIGHT for human right - front cover small

One ear got eaten by Mike Tyson, the other by Orlando Gabber. Step up into the ring and fight for what rights that remain. Remember that you have none, or thats what Google want you to believe. Dont know whether to buy the new ipad air or the ipad 4. which ever has the better sound card? Featherweight ducks against super heavyweight NSA. They might be tracking my music tracker but they aint got my amen breakz. In fact theres more amenz than in the catholic history book. There there my child, have a bout of ring worm and a round of slim fries. And a red glove to ease the pain. Ah, finally a sample I recognise. A sample from my ear lobe that ive kept in milk for the last two years. Or is that a Jungle bassline that i hear? And thats where im stuck, on the ropes, havent moved from there for years, im still sewing my ears together. A punch and a kick being so quick and brown, Mr Fox. He jumps faster than me, over the bass and under the midrange. How low can you go? Take, take, take take it dowwwwwwn.
Orlando Gabber – FREE FIGHT for human right – flac

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[ABC 013] Karpol – Rave Digger

                                                    [ABC 013] Karpol – Rave Digger 

I cannot write a review for my own release. But you should download. The first two tracks were kinda inspired by 808 State. However they probably do not sound very similar. The idea was to make a bit of an oldskool feel in the techno beats and the samples used. This time I tried to make the music more simpler, with less ideas in each track. Less sudden changes and more of a flow. The last track is a remix of a Dead Dred track by the same name. I took the vocal sample and chopped up the percussion to make it a bit more ‘running’ and faster. Let me know what you think! Peace, psilocybin and diethylamide:)

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[ABC012] DjKurara – Fuck That Shit EP

DJKurara - Fuck That Shit!!! EP Artwork Mini [ABC012]  DjKurara – Fuck That Shit EP

Check this shit out! The feelgood album of the summer has arrived!

Fuck that shit! Its from DJKurara.

Original processed pop vocals and some fancy footwork on the amenz. They glide down the prominade in your micro machine convertible. Its a mashup video game on acid. Mariokart vs Silent Hill. There are brutal layering of styles in this album. Its for everyone! Even MJ enjoys a ghostly appearance. I was trying to moonwalk at 200bpm when i was almost run over. But fuck that shit. Its abrasive but sweet and very fast. Watch where your going with this one!

DJKurara – Violent killer

DJKurara – SkyRavFantsy

DJKurara – Nyarucore

DJKurara – Everyone My Mixi Frien

DJKurara – What The Girlfriend

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[ABC 011] Beyond The Borders – Time Will Come

BTB - Time Will Come - cover artWe like to ride bikes but these guys are on another level. Fresh back from their French tour, we are extremely proud to present Beyond The Borders. They live accross the river from us, separated by a physical border. However this physical border does not prevent us from contacting eachother for not only are their many bridges linking north and south BCN, but we also have email. I often wonder what would happen if they bombed all the bridges on the river. Then we would be wading through 30 metres of knee height industrial waste just to see each other. Or a raft with a string attached. Or better yet, why not cycle around! The music is pretty intense, thick layers of sampled beats and synths with live vocals on top. Danceable as always.These guys have more energy then the two Endesa Power Plants at the bottom of the river. The lyrics are included in the release. Read them. Sometimes it reminds me of Happy Hardcore sometimes of DHR but none of these words do justice. Just fucking hit download and have a listen. You should also catch these guys live for a complete audio visual knockout. And ask them how to pogo to Power Violence. Peace and Love.

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01-Beyond The Borders – Ready or not (intro)

02-Beyond The Borders – Chronic Hallucinations

03-Beyond The Borders – Pod jadernimi gribami

04-Beyond The Borders – Money goni

05-Beyond The Borders – Biomotor

06-Beyond The Borders – Pulse

07-Beyond The Borders – NONSTOP people

08-Beyond The Borders – Barjera (AURORA cover)


[ABC010] La Ostia En Verso – Plurr Or Die

Cover art1

DING DONG!! Popper good mashed breakcore from La Ostia en Verso. The light that pulls you out of the corner and makes you dance like a 10 year old
after a Kilo of Haribos. Packed with an encredible amount of samples, from
songs I forgot i knew and Frenchcore beats and French Riviera and banging
breaks. You will be bobbing and bopping like a bobbin. Eat more sweats and
take to the streets!!!

La Ostia En Verso – Plurr or Die

La Ostia En Verso – Your New Ringtone

La Ostia En Verso – SOL,ARENA Y NEGROS (Sun,sand and black people)





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